The Shop Awakens

I've been making these hand-painted galaxy fan-art shirts for a few years, mostly for myself and as gifts, as an experiment I took a batch with me to a recent craft bazaar. That little experiment was a huge success, the only problem being, it's tough to anticipate the sizes and styles people will want. So I started taking orders. And guess what? I'm not the only StarWars fan out there, holding my tickets with anticipation, wanting to make it truly a night to remember...

So, If you'd like to get your very own unique custom painted Star Wars fan shirt in time for the Force Awakens to display your fandom with pride go over to my shop page and order by November 16th. I'll make the shirts and send them out in time for the Awakening.

Specify Falcon or X-Wing in the notes - or if you have a different request contact me before placing your order. Be warned - if I get swamped with pre-orders I'll take it off the shop so I can fill whats come in first...


Using Props in your Pictures

Growing as an artist is essential to long term success. For myself, photography has been a subject I've longed to study. As a graphic designer it is an invaluable skill, but as a maker it is even more essential. This image here, of the sweet little baby hat I created a few years back, is the only record I have of that whipped up little wonder. Sadly, its not my best photo, hastily taken with my handy phone with little to no thought as to framing, lighting or style. I'm sharing it here as a benchmark. A way to chronicle my {hopefully} growth as a product photographer as I start approaching my crafted goods and the photography of them with more purpose.