We are Makers

We Craft

First and foremost we are Makers. Wood, paper, fabric, yarn, or something new that sparks our interest — we create items we love, and you'll love too…


We Create

Designing and self publishing books, apps, and print on demand products — what we don't make with our hands we create with our computers...


We Can Help

We support our fellow makers and small shops - Need a logo? Vector files? Looking for something original created just for you? Let's work together!


About DKGraham

We are a family of computer professionals that also use our hands for creating things outside the digital world — D is a network administrator and programmer by day, as well as our weekend woodworker. K is a freelance artist & operator of DKGraham, with a background in vector graphics for packaging and print production. Her materials of choice vary from wood, fabric, glass, yarn and anything else that inspires a new project. DKGraham is the fusion of our digital and maker selves.