For the love of Yarn and Books... and making!


Introducing the StitchBOOKlit — a completely customizable and refillable DIY wood notebook to make all your own - with a beautiful yarn stitch-able cover! A journal, a planner, a sketchbook, or even a special keepsake album... your only limit is your imagination, and what you make it into

is up to you!

Now in two styles - Grid for stitching and Open Swatch for every other fiber craft you can imagine — Knit, Crochet, Punch, Tatting, Felting - YOU make it all your own with the fiber crafts you love.

The StitchBOOKlit was designed with flexibility and function in mind — you can make all your own pages out of supplies you likely have: Standard Letter size paper, a regular single paper punch and  the included templates — getting fancy with your own photo and art papers

— Or Not.

The stitch-able cover is sized in such a way that it also supports most Standard A5 6-hole Punch paper and products widely available in stores.


With the new Open Swatch cover style you can now create any type of fiber craft panel to attach and showcase (window is approximately 7.25"x 3.75" rectangle) or warp the cover and weave right into the frame to create a one of a kind piece of functional fiber art!

Shanti Rose (@shantiroseknits on IG) has created a tutorial on warping your cover for weaving to help you get started HERE

Every Kit Includes

  • StitchBOOKlit Handmade Wood Cover System

  • 1” 6-hole Ring Binders (Holds up to 80 pages text weight paper, heavier papers will hold less pages)

  • DIY Page Cut & Punch Template

  • Cover Designer Grid Template

  • 10 Starter pages - Blank A5 Printer Paper

  • Large Eye Yarn Darning Needle & Threader to be used with up to a DK weight yarn on this specially sized for yarn crafts stitch-able cover.


Printable Templates and DIY Pages

Every StitchBOOKlit comes with a handy Punch Template and instructions for cutting, marking, and punching any paper to fit your new book. You can also download any of these printable pages and just cut & punch the marks as shown - you may see a sliver of the printed line here or there but its fast and easy!

A few tips for Letter Size Templates:

  • Print at 100% - No  Auto Scale!

  • For double sided/duplex printers choose "Short Edge Binding"

  • For printers that can't duplex, note the feed direction and print page 1 only in the number of copies you need. Then flip/rotate back into feed tray depending on your printer and print page 2 only in the same number of copies. (makes cut/punch marks on one side only)

Letter Sized Cut & Punch

A5 Page Templates

If your printer supports A5 sized paper you can purchase pre-punched 6-hole copy paper (or use the 10 starter pages included in your StitchBOOKlit kit) with these templates.

A few tips: Print at 100% (NO auto scale!) and print one side first then flip/rotate to print second side (unless you have one of those magical printers that does A5 & duplex!)