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Yarn, Parody, and Geekery... Welcome to DKGraham!

Hey You! - Welcome to my geeky little corner of the Fiber'verse yarn lovers -DKGraham is the ultimate mash up of my yarn and fandom obsessions, and passion for making ALL of the things!

I am a graphic designer by profession, with years of print production experience in corporate America, and many more as a freelancer. Now, I've taken everything I know about turning other peoples art into finished goods, thrown it into a blender with my yarn and wood hobbies, added an 80W laser and unleashed my own whimsical style of drawing yarn parodies into the world by turning them into functional and beautiful wooden notions for my fellow *Stitchers. I'm a maker of many things and occasionally drift off onto other creative tangents... so this blog will be a sporadic attempt to share more about my process, new creations, and of course - to connect with more of you!

* All stitchers welcome here - I dual wield myself, and am big on inclusion, so all my goodies are for BOTH knitters and crocheters. If you like making things with stick and string — you are in the right place!

Thanks for geeking out with me!

— K

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